Let’s Go Lions!

Lions’ Sports & Activities (S&A) is proud to follow the ISD Mission Statement of “We work together to challenge and support our students to be successful and responsible in an evolving world.” It is important to understand the meaning of the ISD mission statement within the context of competitive sports.

“Working together” is a primary goal of competitive sports within the Lions’ S&A programme. This means coaches and athletes working together for a common purpose, particularly transcending personal differences for advancement of the team toward its mutually agreed goal.

“Challenged and supported” is an important aspect of competitive sports. It is important that student-athletes are challenged as members of a team. This means being pushed to improve and push themselves outside their “comfort zones”. Lions’ S&A is focused on challenging student-athletes.

“To Be Successful and Responsible” can be measured in many different ways when it comes to Sports and Activities. Lions’ S&A programme measures success through personal growth, sportsmanship, resilience, effort and other characteristics that will serve students well in the next chapters of their lives.

We aim to provide opportunities for the athletes in our programme to acquire social and teamwork characteristics that will help them thrive in the modern day World.

We endeavor for our athletes to learn and demonstrate the core values of teamwork, resilience, effort, and friendship in the sports arenas and for these characteristics to permeate into all facets of their lives.

Our Core Values