2019/2020 Programme Overview

ISD SV Swimming

For information pertaining to swimming with the ISD Sportverein (S.V.) in school year 2019-20 please see below:

  • Registration via isdsv.clubsbuddy.net for ISD S.V. Swimming will open on Wednesday, August 28th and will close on Wednesday, September 4th.
  • Semester 1 swimming will run from the week of September 9th, 2019 until the week of Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 (16-17 sessions)
  • Students must be 5 years old as of 1st September 2019 to swim with the ISD SV.
  • Returning swimmers from semester II 2018-19 will be given priority when allocating spots.  The remainder of spots available will be provided by random allocation, not first come, first served. 
  • All swim lessons are held at the Rheinbad: 
    • Sportpark Nord/Europaplatz, 40474 Düsseldorf
  • There will be no trial week for ISD SV swimming.  
  • Linked here you will find the level descriptions and the schedule for each respective swimming group during the week.  The level descriptions can be used as a guide to determine which level suits your child. 
  • Swim lessons are 45 minutes in length and there is one lesson per week.   An exception is Masters swimming which runs on Mondays and Thursdays, through the whole academic year.
  • Cost of swimming are €180 per semester and are paid once you have been allocated in a specific group.
  • Semester 2 swimming will run from February 3, 2020 until Thursday, June 18th, 2020 (16-17 sessions).

ISD Sportverein S.V Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Rugby

For information pertaining to competing/participating in the ISD Sportverein S.V. in Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Rugby in school year 2019-20 please see below:

  • Fall open practice schedule can be found here.
  • Trial week runs from Monday, August 26th-August 30th.  Some sports or teams will require longer than the specified one week to determine teams.  This will be communicated by the respective coach.
  • Player passes are required to compete on an ISD SV competitive team (no playerpass required for swimming). Procedures for attaining Volleyball and Rugby playerpasses will be explained to each student athlete and their parents during the first week of practices. Due to the more thorough process of attaining playerpasses in Soccer and Basketball, opportunities will be provided for families during the trial week to attain playerpasses for new players to the ISD SV.
    • Soccer- facilitated by Carsten Stichel:
      • Please bring these relevant documents and original paper from the registration office (buergerbuero) with child and parents names and birthdate of the child.  
      • For help with playerpasses please stop by on either Wednesday, August 28th, Thursday, August 29th or Friday, August 30th from 09.00-11.00 in the ISD SCC cafe
    • Basketball- facilitated by Rachid El Mahi
      • Please bring: picture (passport size)
      • For help with playerpasses please stop by on Monday, August 26th to Friday, August 30th from 15.45 to 17.00 in the ISD SCC Cafe.
  • Coaches will communicate to students directly at practice if they have been selected for a team.

After School Activities

For information pertaining to After School Activities (ASAs) in school year 2019-20 please see below:

  • ASA trial week will open on August 26th and runs until September 8th.
  • The purpose of the trial week is for students to try the respective ASA in order to make a decision on committing to the activity for the whole school year.  Some ASA’s offer only one trial.  Review the ASA schedules to view these exceptions.
  • Elementary School ES ASA Schedule
  • Senior School SRS ASA Schedule
  • All ASAs run the whole school year. Please note for each ASA to take place we require a minimum number of participants. If this is not reached, the activity will not take place.  
  • Registration for ASAs will open during the trial weeks (August 26th-September 8th).  Registration is through https://isdsa.schoolsbuddy.net
  • Allocation of students will occur the week of Monday, September 16th and Friday, September 20th. You will be informed via email on whether you have been allocated to your requested ASAs during this week. Please note allocation is random, not first come, first served. 
  • ASAs officially commence on Monday, September 23rd and run until June 14th 2020.


For information pertaining to Fall Northwest Europe Council of International Schools NECIS competitive sports in school year 2019-20 please see below:

  • Fall NECIS open practice schedule can be found here. The NECIS Game Schedule can be found here. 
  • NECIS Fall Sports offered
    • Boys Soccer U-12, U-14, JV and varsity
    • Girls Volleyball U-12, U-14, JV and varsity
    • Boys and Girls Cross Country- grade 4+ 
  • September 1st, 2019 is the age cut off date for determining ages in which a student will compete for a position e.g. a student born on August 31, 2007 would tryout with a U-14 team. The NECIS organization dictates the maximum number of athletes that can compete on a team e.g. A soccer team can travel with only 15 players.
  • Students in 4th grade and up and can participate on a NECIS team.  Some exceptions may be made if a third grader is prepared to travel and stay with a host family when travelling.
  • There can be overlap in which a student is on a different NECIS age team from that of the ISD SV team he is on.  For the German federation, in which we compete, the age cutoff is based on the calendar year, while the NECIS school based team is determined by the school calendar.
  • When students have been selected for a NECIS team, the coach of the respective team will inform the S&A office and we will manually register the student via Schoolsbuddy (SB).  Parents will simply have to log in to their respective SB account and make the payment for the season.