About Us

The mantra of the ISD Sports and Activities Programme is “get involved.” Our programme is four-pronged, consisting of NECIS competitive sports, the ISD Sportverein, After-School Activities (ASAs) and City Championships.

The NECIS sports programme gives students the unique opportunity to compete in international competitions against other schools throughout northwestern Europe. The programme is categorised into Fall, Winter and Spring seasons with age categories of under-12, under-14, Junior Varsity and Varsity. The Fall season consists of Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball and Cross-Country, while the Winter season offers Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Swimming and Rugby. The spring season includes mixed Softball, Track and Field, Girls Soccer, Tennis and Golf.

The ISD Sportverein (SV) is a German-registered sports club that offers Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby and Swimming. SV students compete against other clubs in the greater Düsseldorf area. The ISD SV programme provides students the opportunity to participate in their selected sport for 8-10 months and connect with the local community.

The ISD After-School Activities (ASA) programme typically offers around 25 activities for students in prep to grade 12, once per week, for the entire school year. Additionally, a number of trimester activities (10-12 week blocks) will be offered to give students the opportunity to try out a variety of different experiences. These activities include Judo, Fencing, Ballet, Mandarin Language and many others. ASAs provide opportunities for students to learn in an enjoyable environment that is non-competitive.

The School City Championships are competitions against local schools. These competitions start at the city level and progress to the regional and state level in a wide array of different sports. The final goal would be to earn a spot in Berlin for the National title.