The Future of Sports Coaching Conference

AUGUST 28-29, 2021

We believe that sports have a lasting impact that goes beyond just practice time and games/events. With winning having taken precedence over fun, personal and sporting development, and with society always looking for instant gratification, we sometimes forget what the essence of sports is about and the main reasons children want to get involved. As coaches we have a responsibility to our young athletes to help them become the best versions of themselves, both on and off the field. Coaches have unique opportunity to serve as mentors for their athletes and tackle some of society's greatest challenges (inequality, health issues, warped masculinity, among others) by placing greater importance on instilling positive core values rather than winning at all costs. 

The Future of Sports Coaching Conference brings together frontrunners of different aspects of sports coaching who are reimagining coaching to provide athletes and coaches the best sporting experience possible with research and evidence-based practice; as well as equipping participants with implementable strategies and tools to better connect, care and understand how to use their unique platforms to positively transform the lives of their athletes.

For more information about the conference, visit our website by clicking the link below.