When a student registers for a sport, either a NECIS Team, Sportverein or After School Sports Activity, there is a Code of Conduct to be followed. Make sure to carefully read it through, print it out, sign it and hand it to your team coach.

ISD Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

The following list of agreements provides an outline of the expectations Lions Sports and Activities places on a student-athlete and their parents. It is important that the student-athlete and their parents read through the document together before signing in agreement.

1. I understand that it is a privilege to represent ISD as a student-athlete and I agree to keep in mind the mission & values of the Lions S&A Department. I will display good sportsmanship at all times and behave in an appropriate manner.

2. My academic work must come first. I will work to improve my time management skills by balancing the demands that are placed on me. I will plan ahead so that I can meet the level of commitment my school, teammates and coaches deserve.

3. I will encourage communication regarding my academic progress between my parents, teachers and coaches. I understand that being a student-athlete at ISD means that I am expected to maintain my academic standing.

4. I will attend all scheduled team practices and games. I will make every effort to schedule appointments outside of scheduled practice times. If I must miss a scheduled practice or game, I will personally notify my coach in a timely manner.

5. As a student-athlete, I understand the use of tobacco, drugs and alcohol are not acceptable while representing ISD at home or away team functions. This policy includes the entire time I am hosting or involved in a tournament. 

6. I understand there are certain requirements of myself and my family that include:

      -Participation and attendance in the beginning of season Team Meetings.

      -Housing visiting athletes during "host weekends" and tournaments.

      -Assisting with Sports Council and Lions Cafe.

7.- I agree to abide by any curfews which are set. 

8.- I understand that some trips may require a visa. Responsibility for obtaining the correct visa is mine and not the school’s.

9.- I understand that any violation of this Athletic Code may lead to suspension or expulsion from the team.