The Northwest European Council of International Schools

NECIS (The Northwest European Council of International Schools) is an inter-school sports organisation. Teams are formed based on experience and ability level. NECIS seasons are shorter than those of Sportverein teams. The highlight for NECIS teams is the end-of-season tournament, where schools from around Europe come to play for the championship. In preparation for this event, our squads play several "friendly" competitions against other international schools. Since most of our NECIS players are also on Sportverein teams, we gain the unique advantage of playing more than most of our competitors, thus typically being well prepared come tournament time.

Typical sports include football, basketball, volleyball, cross-country, golf, swimming, track and field, tennis, softball, and rugby. NECIS tournaments take place all across Europe and in the past have included Amsterdam, Luxembourg,  Antwerp, Bonn, Copenhagen, The Hague, Stavanger,  Hamburg, Munich, and Brussels.

Currently, there are 11 member schools: Antwerp International School, American School of The Hague, Bonn International School, Copenhagen International School, International School of Amsterdam, International School of Düsseldorf, International School of Hamburg, International School of Luxemburg, International School of Stavanger, Nord Anglia International School Rotterdam, Sigtuna International School.

Please see the NECIS Game Schedule and Open Practice Schedule.

In order to be able to sign up, athletes have to be selected by the coaches of the respective sport, once that happens, they register via SchoolsBuddy.


Seasons: Fall/Winter/Spring

Venue: International schools across Europe, guest housing by families

Sports: Soccer, basketball, volleyball, cross-country, golf, swimming, track and field, tennis, rugby and softball

Fees: €200- €700