English Language Sports Camp

The goal of the ISD English Language Sports Camp is two-fold: first and foremost to learn English through sports, and second, to have fun while learning.

English is the language of not only our school community, it is also the language of our global community. It is our goal to strengthen our ties with you by offering this excellent opportunity to improve your English and sports skills at the same time! By working together, the ISD English Language Sports Camp will not only strengthen your skills in sports but also, more importantly, teach you to be a successful English speaker while making friends and having fun.

You will be trained by an experienced ISD sports coach, along with student helpers. You will be taught English by an experienced EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher who will coordinate the program and assist in training staff and teaching.

Takes place: 30 Oct – 3. Nov

Dropoff: At the ISD SCC, 9.00

Pickup: At the ISD SCC, 14.00

Fees: €375

For ages: 10-14

Activities: Basketball, volleyball, indoor football

Register by clicking here.

Bring: Indoor sports shoes, a water bottle, a snack, a towel, a pen or pencil