ISD Sportverein

Our Mission: We work together to create positive and enjoyable environments in which we develop happy, confident and responsible people through the international language of sport, integrating ISD and the local community.

ISD SV Coaching Profile Statement:

Our coaching leaders are passionate about both the children/athletes and sport they lead.  They acknowledge their unique opportunity as a role model to positively transform the lives of their athletes.

ISD SV Athlete Profile Statement:

We play sports because we enjoy being active and challenging ourselves to learn new skills. Sports are an opportunity for us to belong to a team and develop friendships.

ISD SV Coach Key Qualities:

  • Encouragement & support 
  • Knowledge of the sport 
  • Respect 
  • Creating a joyful environment 
  • Clear & consistent communication 

ISD SV Athlete Key Qualities:

  • Respectful 
  • Committed 
  • Communicator 
  • Supportive 
  • Risk-taker 

ISD SV Learning Environment:

The ISD SV desired learning environment is a positive and encouraging one. Athletes feel challenged, respected and valued. Coaches and leadership understand that the ISD SV sports programme is athlete centred, meaning decisions are made based on what is best for athletes.

The ISD Sportverein offers students the chance to compete against teams within the Düsseldorf region in a variety of sports. Training is typically one to two times per week and games are played on most weekends. Players and families interested in a Sportverein team must demonstrate the ability to dedicate themselves over an entire school year. It is common for older players to join both the Sportverein and NECIS as it provides the student-athlete significantly more playing experience, both locally and internationally, along with the opportunity for long-term dedication to a chosen sport.

Seasons: 7-9 months

Teams form: Beginning of school year

Venue: Düsseldorf region

Sports: Soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and rugby


  • Soccer: €180 + €30 for first-time registration
  • Basketball: €180 + €30 for first-time registration
  • Volleyball: €180 + €30 for first-time registration
  • Rugby: €150 + €30 for first-time registration
  • Swimming: €180/semester

To register, please select a sport from the list above.

See also: Sportverein BylawsFall Open Practice Schedule.